Abba Motorbike Sky Carry

Abba Motorbike Sky Carry

Due to the strain load generated on the primary lifting shaft by the curler guides, some areas of the shaft will mark/loose a number of the paint end. This has no effect on the longevity of the product and is only cosmetic. If you might be involved a smear of light oil on the effected space would suffice. Only benefit of workbench is if you have bike there is no abba becoming package for or for non bike makes use of. I’ve got the superbike stand and have looked out for the sky carry in the past however because of the price I was pondering finally I’ll just get a ramp and use it in conjunction with the regular stand. My biggest concern was whether or not there could be enough access to the left hand facet of the bike while it was on the stand, I needn’t have nervous.

abba skylift

abba Bobbin & Hub adapters – Full product details right here. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm bobbin adapters provided in addition to four hub spindles appropriate for most typical Triumph, Honda and Ducati single sided swing arm motorcycles. The rear Hub and sprocket can be eliminated by help the bike in the “Stoppie” position. With the abba Sky Lift your bike will stay completely commonplace, no modifications or elements to be fitted ensuring your bike stays trying authentic, and you do not invalidate any Manufacturer warranty.

Regularly Asked Questions For The Abba Sky Lift

There is plenty of room to get to every little thing on the left while the bike is on the stand. With all the additional bits I purchased I spent £580 on the skylift, it is cash properly spent, I can even remove the swingarm if wanted as I purchased the footpeg equipment to permit it. I can push the bike around the storage safely on the carry, the only draw back I have seen is that I cannot carry the bike if it’s already up on the centre stand as the central leg of the raise must be where the centre stand is. The most typical method to lift the bike is with it horizontal – an arm is inserted to follow the ram because it raises, and the strap hooked up to the spindle here.

You can now lock the Abba’s two wheels nearest to you, then move around to the opposite facet, the place the upright arm may be slid onto the Sky Lift and situated in the reverse finish of the swingarm pivot. Lock the arm off with the Allen key that’s conveniently connected to the arm, in addition to the thumbscrew, then the bike is totally secured. Once you’ve the two correct adaptor fittings in the Sky Lift, you would possibly need to adjust the height of the primary arm, the place it connects to the ram; this isn’t onerous, and I’ve only needed to do it to lift the Honda MSX125 . That bike is so small that even with the arm at its lowest setting, the motorbike needs to be sitting on a few blocks of wood.

Fitting Kits

You will obtain the total Sky Lift with wheels, foot operated hydraulic pump, assist strap and becoming kit if required. The Horizontal lifting place allows you to merely raise the bike with both wheels stage like a conventional bench lift. Finally, their customer service is excellent, I’m actually pleased with every thing, especially the three year guarantee they provide , to me that exhibits a real dedication to the standard of their own merchandise. Every single part used in the construction of the Abba Sky Lift is out there direct from the factory, and every thing the company makes comes with a three-yr assure.

  • Getting the bike in place on the stand takes slightly confidence, especially the first few occasions you do it; you have to maintain it upright whereas finding the adaptors.
  • If you’re concerned a smear of light oil on the effected space would suffice.
  • To elevate your bike from its resting point to most top only takes round 35 seconds.Lowering the bike to the ground takes a mear 5 seconds.

New Product demonstration video of the abba Sky Lift, lifting a Suzuki Hayabusa. Easy to raise the bike off the bottom with its CE approved, foot operated hydraulic pump. Fitting Application – If you need more detailed information on the place the Sky Lift fits your bike, or how our fitting kits work you should discover it here. The Sky Lift sets the usual in motorcycle lifts with its safety, versatility, maneuverability and above all usability.

Assembling The Abba Sky Lift

When I released the strain, the entrance of the bike dropped down into the stoppie position. There was no damage, nevertheless it’s worth making sure that the strap that retains the bike horizontal or within the wheelie position doesn’t come off. With a maximum capability of 450kg, there’s you’ll not be able to overload the Abba stand – the one slight threat is within the bike rotating around the swingarm. I haven’t yet eliminated an engine with the bike on the stand, but it’s potential that removing this mass from forward of the mounting points might trigger the bike to tip backwards if the rear wheel was still in place. There are four sets of double-wheeled castors on the Abba Sky Lift, two of which may be locked off. On my clean storage ground it’s very easy to maneuver any bike around, though small stones which have fallen out of the fairing could make it tougher.

They’re very helpful on the telephone and the equipment can be configured for many bikes; have a chat with them. Brilliant little bit of package – at present I am utilizing it on a Velocette Venom – suppose you need to use it on virtually something with the right fittings. Abba offers discounts at many bike exhibits, so it’s always worth seeing if they’re attending. I can actually say that I couldn’t do plenty of the work I perform on my bikes without the Abba Sky Lift; it really transforms each the maintenance experience, and the house you have obtainable to you. For most residence mechanics , it’s one of the best investments you can also make on your workshop.

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